Thursday, May 14, 2009

my new life

i have a new life. i just typed up what it consists of, but if you knew, i'd have to kill you/it's mildly uninteresting unless you consider the cute, bear-like puppy that sits at my feet for the majority of the day (which in turn definitely resembles the darndest bear rug er doormat you will ever see) to be interesting.

last week the loom finally got dressed (such a little tart that one) and i did her all up in a pixelated plaid. 3 yards later i had enough fabric to move forward. after working out a few prototypes for small wristlets, i made the first cut. a few cuts, a few stitches and one broken sewing machine later (just trying to stitch a leather wrist strap. oops) i had the first handbag.

you've got to start somewhere right? today wristlets, tomorrow the world?

hah. glad i never take myself seriously, but you DEFINITELY should.