Sunday, September 27, 2009

missed connections and george nelson

oh how i love looking at missed connections on craigslist. if anyone has any success stories we, the public, would love to hear from you.

also on the topic of connections... allow me to insert a couple paragraphs from an article written by george nelson in 1979.

"We had a modest office and I felt that if I had one of these
big hanging spheres from Sweden, it would show that I was 
really with it, a pillar of contemporary design. One day Bonniers,
a swedish import store in New York, announced a sale of these
lamps. I rushed down with one of the guys in the office and found
one shopworn sample with thumbmarks on it and a price of $125.

It is hard to remember what $125 meant in the late forties. You
could buy a brand new Ford convertible for $640, complete with
rumble seat and white wall tires. This automobile, with motor,
lights, gas tank, and wheels, was only five times the cost of this one
lamp. I was furious and was stalking angrily down the stairs when 
suddenly an image popped into my mind which seemed to have
nothing to do with anything. It was a picture in the New York Times
some weeks before which showed Liberty ships being mothballed
by having the decks covered with netting and then being sprayed with
a self-webbing plastic, and again, whammo! We rushed back to the
office and made a roughly spherical wire frame; we called various
places until we located the manufacturer of the spiderwebby spray.
By the next night we had a plastic-covered lamp, and when you put a
light in it, it glowed, and it did not cost $125."

-George Nelson on "Peak Experiences and the Creative Act"
at the International Design Conference in Aspen, 1979

(the rest of the article is really great too)

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