Friday, October 2, 2009

tramp stamp barbie

hahaha... uhm... discuss amongst yourselves


Margot said...

I had a very similar sick feeling walking down the Barbie isle to how I felt walking around the red light district. Only with Barbie, the women in boxes are for children.

Kristina said...

it's gross. walk down the aisle in toys r us.
the one side is baby dolls. barbie dolls. everything mostly pink.
the other side is dinosaurs, robotic bugs, guitars, legos, athletic equipment...
it's criminal.

ck8g0 said...

Man, Barbie, I'm a little disappointed you chose tribal. I mean, aren't you supposed to be a "modern" girl? Tribal was soooo 1995.
I wonder what she'll have tatoo-ed over it when she and Ken break up again and again like when I was a kid.