Monday, October 27, 2008

SAORI :: my current fibercraft

i recently started taking a saori weaving class and am finding it more enjoyable, relaxing and intuitive than previous fibercraft endeavors.

so with that said, let me introduce you to SAORI:

"The "sa" in "SAORI" ("ori" means "weaving"), is a Zen Buddhist term that means "each thing has its own unique quality" or "each person has his or her own unique quality." So, because of these spiritual roots, as experienced and expressed by founder Misao Jo, SAORI is more than just a technique. It is also:
A philosophy that all people are artists: each of us has a latent intuitive power that SAORI can awaken
An aesthetic that embraces the natural beauty of unintended "mistakes" and encourages exploring the unknown.
A social movement towards bringing diverse people together to learn from one another. It is especially a movement to include within a larger community people who may be isolated or marginalized because of disability, age, income, overwork, caregiving, ethnicity, or other reasons. An artistic yet practical path of meditation, therapy, rehabilitation, trauma recovery, stress reduction, identity-building, community-building, economic self-reliance, and holistic human devlopment."

my teacher bobbie had to get permission from the city of osaka to open a saori studio outside of japan. pretty crazy eh? i however do not drive to worcester for classes, but to a studio in penacook, nh. the photo on the left is misao jo who is now 95 yrs. old.


Tall Boy John said...

that looks awesome, sign me up

saoriweaver said...

Welcome to the Saori world!!