Wednesday, October 29, 2008

today's heroine :: edith head :: costume design

tuesday night i went to see the movie "city of ember"... the costumes- mostly knitwear- were beautiful. so much texture, the costume designer ruth meyers did an amazing job.
therefore, i felt inspired to blog about one of my favorite (cliche or not) costume designers of all time, edith head.
is it a coincidence that all of my heroines wear amazing glasses or have funny bangs? i think not.
"...Head was a very private woman, a trait well illustrated by the dark sunglasses that became her trademark. Originally the lenses were blue, but later they were dark shades of gray. They were worn originally to see how the clothing would appear in black and white. The glasses and her unchanging hair style helped her to hide her true age. In the 1920s, she wore a Colleen Moore Dutch boy cut, but in the 1930s she noticed Anna May Wong's style and copied it: flat bangs with a chignon at the back. She would wear it for the rest of her life. These features and the consistency of her appearance over the decades helped make her an instantly recognised figure. "

also, if you remember the movie "the incredibles", i would like to note the remarkable resemblance between edith head and the silly little seamstress "edna more"...

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