Monday, April 13, 2009

metro north or dance til you're dead

everything can be made into a pattern. any scratch, piece of trash, heartbeat, alarm, drop of rain, the clockwork of life, train schedules... and it can be translated in any form. visually, audibly, etc. i have a feeling this isn't making sense, so if you care to understand, proceed and if not, that's cool too. enjoy the pattern created from lovely industrial structures seen along the metro north railway from new haven ct. to gorgeous grand central station nyc.

so you're here.

let's say we monitor your heart beat with a heart rate monitor or your steps via a pedometer throughout the day. over time, one could assume that it remains fairly regular, with spikes every so often representing extreme instances (ie. you were really excited because you got into grad school or you were really sad because a loved one passed away).

let's take that data and transfer it to audio. all of a sudden you have a song representing your life. hook some lighting up to it that reacts to the audio and all of a sudden you have a multimedia experience.

take that information and use it as input for software (a pinch of magic fairy dust) that generates cards for a loom's warp. use the cards on a loom to create a tapestry and all of a sudden you have a rug, blanket, etc. that represents your life.

then take that tapestery and.....

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