Monday, April 20, 2009

so we've heard it said "flaws are beautiful"

our flaws make us beautiful. they make us real.

in craft, "flaws" are the introduction of humanity. so why eliminate humanity? celebrate the fact that someone made it for someone else to discover as unique and precious. this is a parallel philosophy to the style of weaving i've been doing. saori. saori celebrates choice and the journey of creativity. there are no mistakes. there is only beauty to be interpreted. there is only another perspective to gain, another venue to open our oh-so-conventional minds.

so when i saw these shoes by saucy hella on dezeen, i had to share. now i know they're meticulously crafted, made of the best materials as all campers are, but hella does an incredible job of introducing a human element into her products. oh the humanity.

so in a quote from hella:
"In the designs sometimes elegance was underscored, sometimes we, the team of Jongeriuslab, opened up a new world of possible closures, a new rhythm in patterns or we infused the shoe with the idea of imperfection and randomness, qualities of which I think contemporary times is in need of.”

and in the words of c. valentine kirby:
"I must make my creation good and honest and true, so that it may be a credit to me and live after I am dead, revealing to others something of the pleasure which I found in its making."

so when you're feeling the looming ceiling of perfectionism shorten your breath and tighten your chest, be ok with your "faults". be ok with trying something new, making "mistakes" and putting yourself out there. we all have regrets, but regrets stem from the idea that we actually made a "mistake" and mistakes are what make us wiser, stronger, better able to position ourselves in the world and deal with our cards. it's called personal growth... evolution and you know you want it.

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helmsley said...

very interesting interpretation, I have trouble dealing with my flaws because they are usually so glaring that they cannot possibly be seen as beauty. Really interested to see more of your weaving work. I need a creative vent, like that